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WordPress Website Care Service

We’ll look after your website so that you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

Your most valuable online asset needs attention

We know how difficult it can be to find the time to do even the simplest tasks on a day to day basis especially when we already have a hundred other “more important” things to do.

However,  what you don’t want to happen is to end up losing time and money, or even credibility because you neglect your website. Outdated software is one of the biggest causes of website security breaches which can result in costly downtime or damage repairs.

Our aim is to take some of these burdens off your shoulders and give you peace of mind knowing that someone’s got your back.


Things we take care of:

1. Software Updates

2. Security Monitoring & Protection

3. Cloud Backups

4. Other Support & Updates 


Less hassle, less stress

Our care plans are designed to take the hassle and stress out of keeping your website up to date and secure, so that you can concentrate on what you do best… like running your business!

Have changes you want to make or content to publish? We’ve got you covered there too.

Get started with one of our monthly plans below.


Our Website Care Packages

Choose an option that suits your needs




Managed Software Updates

Website Performance Optimisations

Weekly Off-site Backups

Hosting Management



Free Website Hosting

20% Off UD Pro’s Hourly Rate

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Managed Software Updates

Website Performance Optimisations

Weekly Off-site Backups

Real-time Security Monitoring 

Technical Support 
We’ll troubleshoot software breakage due to updates & help resolve issues

Hosting Management



Content Changes
(up to 1 hour p.m.) 

Free Website Hosting

Malware/Virus Cleanup Assistance (£350+ Value)

20% Off UD Pro’s Hourly Rate

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All Previous Items +

New Content Publishing
(Up to 2 Pages or Posts Per Month)

On-Page SEO Optimisations





*Up to 2 hours total time per month

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Care Plan Features

All our Care Plans include:

✔︎ Access to our knowledge base, documentation and training content for self-help
✔︎ Access to our paid third-party plugins without paying for your own licenses
✔︎ Monthly report on updates and periodic analytics (where available)
✔︎ Security spot checks where we run scans to check for viruses or malware
✔︎ Up to 4 weeks of full website backups held on our secure cloud account
✔︎ 1 free backup restoration per month if you ever need to recover from an issue
✔︎ Handling of common issues that may be cause from software updates
✔︎ Directly dealing with your website hosting provider to help with technical hosting issues
✔︎ Uptime monitoring which alerts us if your site goes offline so that we can proactively investigate 

*Things to note:

  • eCommerce or advanced websites attract an extra charge starting from £20 per month
  • Free hosting is provided as a bonus for qualified sites only (based on our assessment)
  • Stand-alone website hosting is available from £20 per month
  • Bonus items are provided for additional value and can change at any time
plugin update screenshot

Managed Software Updates

In order for your WordPress website to be kept secure, WordPress releases newer versions of the core software to fix new security vulnerabilities and also add new features. The same thing also needs to happen for any additional software added to WordPress, such as plugins for your contact form, shopping cart, image gallery and even your theme.

Sometimes these software updates can break your site. We carefully apply these updates and do optimisations to ensure that your website functions at its best. 

Backups Galore

Remember that time when your computer died and you lost all those files that you didn’t have a copy of?

Or, maybe that time when you had those irreplaceable photos on your mobile phone that got lost. That wasn’t great was it?

We run weekly backups of your website files, plugins and database and store them in our secure cloud account. In other words, they are not kept in the same location as your website. That means if something was to go wrong on your website such as accidental file deletion or even a hack, we can restore from a previous backup.

website backup screenshot

Security Monitoring

We live in a world where the internet is full of malware, viruses and people known as hackers, who will exploit the weakest and least secure websites for their own gain. This means, at the drop of a had, your website can be infected or taken down by a security breach.

To help prevent this from happening, we conduct security scans to make sure that everything is legit. And, we also do real-time monitoring to block ongoing attacks. In the event that your website gets infected, we will help you clean this up.


Technical Support

Have a technical issue with your website?

Don’t worry! We will help you resolve common WordPress issues as well as liaise with third-party software developers to get support for your Theme and Plugins.
*We’ll spend up to 30 minutes troubleshooting software issues due to updates. If it is not resolved in that time we will restore your website from a previous backup and advice you of next steps.

Content Updates Bonus:

Need to make changes to your images, text and other content?
You can do this at any time but we’d be happy to help you make those changes. Just ask us! We currently allow 2 small requests per month of up to 30 minutes each.

Premium Website Hosting

We offer managed website hosting on world class cloud servers which means your website will have the quality resources it needs to run properly. We take care of the technical setup and the administration to keep your website live on the internet.

Features include:

✔︎ 99.9% Uptime – This means your website is unlikely to experience long downtime as the service is extremely reliable

✔︎ FREE SSL Certificate – This is absolutely necessary to help keep data transmissions secure between your website and users

✔︎ Fast Loading Time – The cloud infrastructure has locations worldwide and uses SSD’s instead of older hard drives, so that your website loads more quickly

✔︎ WordPress Optimised – Provides the right  infrastructure for WordPress to run properly and stay secure


Here are some questions you might have about our Website Care Plans. Get in touch if you have further questions.

Is there a long-term contract?

No, your automatic subscription can be cancelled at any time. Just let us know and we will cancel it for you without any penalties.

*Note that we reserve the right not to resubscribe you if you if you misuse our services.

What softwares will you update on my website?

We will update the core WordPress software plus the plugins installed on your site to the latest stable versions.

We will supply you with the new versions for the paid third party plugins/themes we officially include in our packages. These include (but are not limited to) the Divi Theme and other Elegant Theme products. WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads Addons and other premium plugins. Check with us for the current line up.

We will assist with updating other plugins you may have installed provided you have valid licenses.

*If there are incompatibilities or plugin conflicts we may not be able to update safely until the plugin developers resolve any issues.

If your Care Plan includes Technical Support, we will liaise with the developers to resolve such issues.

How much content changes can you make for me?

We currently include adding or changing text or images on any of your existing pages. Your chosen Care Plan package will let you know whether you have access to this, and the limit each month.

The turn-around is up to 2 business days, but we aim for 24 hrs.

In case of urgent changes let us know and we will try to accommodate you. But, bear in mind that you will be able to make content changes on your own, at any time.

How do I access technical support?

If your Care Plan subscription includes Technical Support you will be able to submit a support ticket once you’ve logged in to the client area on our site.

*Note that we aim to respond to support tickets within 2 business days (but mostly within 24 hrs).
High-priority contact details will also be available to you for emergencies.

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