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Our Quick-Start Website service has prepackaged features and page designs that fit most types of businesses. Custom website projects are available for larger or more complex projects and require larger budgets. Each case is looked at separately so get in touch if you need a custom project.

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Price: £300.00

Custom projects are handled separately so please contact us to discuss your needs. This form is only for our Quick Start Website service.

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Quick-Start Website Features

All our Quick Start websites include the following features as standard with our setup service:

✔︎ Design customisation of 1 standard page (home page or other landing page)—you'll be able to add basic pages on your own
✔︎ Adding the content you provide (text and images)
✔︎ Simple contact form
✔︎ Social media icon links
✔︎ Basic Search Engine Optimisations (SEO) features
✔︎ 1st-month service and support

➝You'll get access to training resources such as videos to show you how to use your website or make changes to the content (text/images etc.), or how to add simple pages on your own.

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Total so far:

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