Blog Video Service

Turn Your Existing Blog Posts Into Videos

Repurpose your written content by publishing them as videos on YouTube, your website, and social media.

How It Works

You can get a lot more reach out of your written posts or articles by turning them into short videos that will capture the attention of a more of your audience. This allows you to leverage the content you already have to capitalise on the benefits of video marketing, without a massive amount of effort.

Here’s how it works:

✔︎ Send us a link to your post – we’ll overlay text on a background image or video clips
✔︎ You can provide a voiceover, have use create one, or we can just use background music
✔︎ We’ll edit it all together based on one of our example videos
✔︎ You’ll get an mp4 video file that yu can distribute to YouTube, social media or your website


Our Video Examples

Here are the style of videos that yours can be based on


Here are some questions you might have. We can always give you more answers if you get in touch.

What does the setup fee include?

The Full Setup Service includes all setup required to get your new site ready to launch, typically within 7 business days.

Will I be able to edit the site by myself?


We use one of the best and most user-friendly page-builders to make it easy for you to add or change text, images or other content. You’ll also be able to create unlimited pages on your own, without knowing computer code. 

We’ll provide you with documentation and tutorial resources to help you do this.

If you need it, 1-1 training or personalised video tutorials are also available at an additional cost.

Do I own my website?

This is a subscription service with a minimum term of 12 months. The service gives you access to a professional website and supports only.

After 12 months you have 3 options:

  1. You purchase the website from us at the agreed buyout fee. Your Terms of Service Agreement will state the amount which is likely to be between £800 and £1500
  2. You can continue with your monthly subscription as before
  3. You cancel and walk away as you decide that you don’t need the site anymore
What happens if I cancel?

The minimum term of the agreement will be 12 months. After this time you can cancel and hand the site back, or you can purchase it at the agreed buy-out fee stated in the agreement.

If you cancel before 12 months, all fees are payable for the remaining months.

If you prefer, we can handle this for you for a £60 admin fee. This includes the standard registration cost and account configuration on our preferred domain name registrar.

How do I get my website name (domain name)?

If you wish, you can purchase your domain name from any domain name registrar beforehand. Once your site is ready we will provide you with the details (name server addresses) for you to add on your domain registrar’s end in order for your site to go live.

If you prefer, we can handle this for you for a £60 admin fee. This includes the standard registration cost and account configuration on our preferred domain name registrar.

What if I need additional work done or features?

We can provide a quote for anything outside of what our packages include.

How are you different to website-builder services like SquareSpace, Wix, or Shopify?

There are a number of these website-builder platforms out there that you can pay a very small fee to and set up your own website. These may be ok if you want a quick and simple site.

But, here are some of the downsides…

  • You need to have the design skills and patience to edit their templates to get them to look good
  • They are not as flexible with what you can add to the site in terms of software and customisations – basically, they are closed platforms
  • You will never get to own the site, you are just paying for access and you can’t just “move” the site to another platform

In contrast, we are using an open platform (WordPress) which gives you complete flexibility. AND, you get to own your site and take it to another service if you wish (once you’ve paid in full).

Do you include business email?

No, we do not include email with our service. For maximum flexibility, performance, and security, we recommend using a dedicated email service provider such as Google Workspace (previously gSuite).

We can then connect this with your website for you.

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